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The REACH for Your Life Personal Counseling Program guides clients through a process of self-discovery and growth directed toward meeting your personal goals and needs. Our program will assist clients with increasing self-confidence, improving relationships, resolving issues, and ultimately achieving your goals. Clients will also receive personal guidance that will support your unique needs for emotional, intellectual, physical, and overall well-being.

 -Client Centered, Solution Focused Therapy - Self-Care,  Stress  Management, Self-Esteem Building, Anxiety, and Depression Management


REACH Personality Assessment is specifically designed to reveal aspects of your entire personality spectrum which is unique to you. The information you discover will not only help you learn about yourself, it will also improve your interactions with others.​​​ A personality assessment provides a thorough description of an individual's personality traits.

  Reaching Up

  Life Coaching

Human service and personal development is our passion! With over 30+ years of experience in human relations, counseling, education and training/coaching, we are prepared to design or facilitate a vast variety of workforce development programs to achieve personal and team success in your organization or business.

- Employee Assistance Plans

- Corporate Wellness Programs

- Team Building - True Colors Certified

- The Magic of Motivation

- Customized Behavior Related Training Programs

The REACH for Your Life Coaching Program is a personalized, systematic process for turning your thoughts and dreams into goals and action. Let us help you REACH your personal and professional goals and give you the life you want and deserve! We will provide the REACH for Your Life structure, support and feedback to turn your dreams into your reality.

- Maximize Personal and Professional Potential

​- Professional Assessment - Support and Encouragement

-Personal Wellness

​-Mental Fitness

- Put Action into the Plan -Specific Measurable Goal Setting

- GRIT Coaching - Finding the Resiliency to Persevere


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client-centered, solution focused counseling and coaching


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